Massage with Facial



Your customised skin type specific Facial combined with your chosen bespoke; Ascential Aromatherapy Full Body Massage Treatment!

Enjoy a pampering aromatherapy massage from your head right down to your toes; harmonising your mind, body and spirit. Our signature essential oil blends will take you on a journey of calm and ascend your spirit like no other. Inhale your chosen bespoke blend of essential oils, exhale stress, pain and discomfort and find yourself in a world of sublime, ascential bliss. Whilst you enjoy your full body; therapeutic massage you’ll also receive our signature; pressure point scalp and foot treatment; plus; your customised; skin type specific facial to replenish and revive your skin; leaving you feeling refreshed and glowing with heavenly radiance! The perfect escape for someone who needs some well deserved pampering and ‘me time’. Why not indulge yourself and escape the daily grind with this blissful 90-minute aromatherapy day spa package; you deserve it! Calm your mind and body and let our bespoke ascential oils and professional massage therapist work their magic! Also a thoughtful gift for a busy woman who deserves some time just for her.