Techniques commonly used during a session

The techniques involved in our Ascential Healing sessions have names such as:

• centering
• clearing
• beaming
• extracting harmful energies
• infusing
• smoothing and raking the aura

Crystals and chakra healing wands may also be used during a session to enhance the healing treatment and/further assist in the removal of blockages.
Sessions can last between 45 and 90 minutes. The number of sessions will vary, depending on what a client wishes to accomplish. Some clients prefer to have one session while others benefit from a series of sessions to work on a particular issue.

  • Benefits of Aromatherapy
    • Essential oils are common healing gifts from plants in liquid form. They come from the heart and soul of the plant kingdom. They have been used for more than 5,000 years for their therapeutic benefits because they assist the body in healing itself.

  • Essential oils are:
    • • Holistic because they involve the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, as well as physical symptoms.
      • Sacred because they derive from the deepest and richest part of the plant kingdom and are sourced from all over the world.
      • Natural because they are extracted from the flowers, stems, and roots of living plants and originate from the global ecosystem.
      • Valuable because they are noninvasive and do not bombard the body with anything artificial or contain human-made chemical properties;
      • Complementary to human life because they raise the whole person whilst they help to heal;
      • Considered Divine and Miraculous by many because they are simple, potent – and some would say magical – in their uses and effects.

  • Enjoy Our Customised Aromatherapy Massage Treatment:
    • Combined with the benefits of massage; aromatherapy can influence physical, emotional and mental stress which can further enhance your relaxation experience promoting an Ascential state of wellbeing and restored harmony to your body, mind and spirit!

      Ascentials have formulated amazing,therapeutic and organic essential oil blends to compliment your massage treatment. Our blends are enriched with only the best quality, certified organic/100% natural essential oils which are all completely vegan friendly, paraben and chemical free. Ascentials Essential Oil Blends are applied during your massage treatment for their particular therapeutic properties to further compliment your healing experience.

      Ascentials exquisite Therapeutic Aromatherapy Blends have been formulated to individually focus on rebalancing your mental, spiritual or your physical health dependant on your requirements at the time of making your massage booking. This enables you to enjoy a customisedholistic remedy every single time.

    • Radiance blend helps to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones and magnifies them outwardly. Radiance inspires a heightened sense of sanguinity, that good will ultimately prevail in the universe with an increased sense of inner joy and appreciation for life. When you expect good things to happen they will!

      Geranium 15, Grapefruit 15, Petitgrain 8, Frankincense 2

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    • Are you feeling anxious, agitated or more irritable than usual,
      Serenity blend will help to restore equilibrium within your mind, body and spirit as it draws you into a state of deep relaxation. This comforting blend promotes complete inner calm and a feeling of peace. It will assist in eliminating feelings of worry, anxiousness and stress and offers the humbling gift of gratitude to appreciate lifes present moment.

      Lavender 5, Chamomile maroc 10, Bergomot 15 Sandalwood 2

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    • Do you often feel tired, irritable or experience aches and pains? Are you emotionally stressed or perhaps your suffering from feelings of overwhelm/occasional depression?
      Transcendence blend offers gentle elevating sweetness to transform those negative thoughts and emotions and breathes the calming strength needed for supported healing and well needed respite from feelings of turbulence/overwhelm. Transcendence offers you the liberating sense of consciousness and inner knowing that all is in its perfect place and assists to you to let go of your fears and to trust in the process of life. The gift of relief and feeling of reprieve are Transcendence reward.

      Rose Otto 3, Orange (sweet) 5, Geranium 10, Lavender 5

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    • Perhaps you’ve been ill and your immunity is low and you need a pick me up? Are you run down; feeling tired and exhausted all the time?Our Revitalise Blend will help to elevate your mood, retain focus and feel motivated again.
      This blend offers the uplifting therapeutic properties your body needs to heal and replenish without overwhelming your nervous system. It’s the perfect blend for immune restoration; helping to restore homeostasis in the body, in effect; boosting your energy levels.

      Petitgrain 8, Lavender 2, Frankincense 2 and Lemon3

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    • Whilst receiving your well needed Remedial Therapy Treatment, you may like to incorporate this soothing massage blend to continue its healing well after your massage has been completed. It will help to increase your circulation accelerating healing of your muscles and joints also resolving inflammation in your body; further decreasing muscular aches and pain from overwork and/or exercise. The combination of cooling and calming notes work to dispel any remaining pain or discomfort leaving your body feeling completely relaxed and relieved.

      Lavender3 eucalyptus radiata 3, Marjoram 5, sweet, Pepperment 3 and Ginger 4

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